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But first a Little Resume of what we do. It is important for you to understand this part.

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Yes! Litecoin Withdrawals are instant. BTC & ETH can take more time due to network congestion.


BTC = 1.2% of your
investment for 120 days.
NEW! BCH = 1.5% for 99 Days!

Litecoin and Ethereum Bots offer 1.4% of your invested amount for 99 days!


4 Levels of referral commissions

 Level 1 = 10%, Level 2 = 3% and level 3 = 1%
Litecoin and Ethereum Bots offer an additional 4th Level of 1%.

The Power of Diversity

All investments are leveraged and diversified thru our network of professional partners maintaining a low risk of failure.

Always Online

By using Telegram, a cloud base platform in connection with a website, you can access your account virtually anywhere.

Enjoy the Growth

Companies come and go, by spreading the risk thru over 20 different partnerships, your investments will always grow.

Constant Reports

Information is the key to a successful venture, our aim is to share the experience with the various partners we use.

FINALLY! A Lending Platform i Can Trust & Use to Earn & Compound Daily Crypto Profits


Leverage the Power of Diversification with over 20 different companies. By having many different partners, it limits the amount of risk and greatly increases the longevity and sustainability of the company.

Top Security

Telegram Messenger App as known to be one of the best & secure apps available. Giving us the piece of mind our personal information is safe.

Referral Programme

You get as much as 10% referral commissions, you earn a commission on each deposit made or re-deposit(reinvest). Commissions are paid out in 3 levels 10% - 3% - 1% | Litecoin and Ethereum Bots offer a 4th Level of 1%

Our Vision

We strive to offer a project you can trust and use to achieve financial freedom.

With vast experience in the areas of engagement, we help entrepreneurs invest wisely and earn recipes from over 20 different sources of income just by investing in one place. 

Our Investment Center generates income from various partners in the distinct areas of Crypto Mining, trading and exchange, Multi level Marketing, high-yield investment program (HYIP’s) and Arbitrage sports betting. By diversifying the investments thru various “partners”, the risk of failure gets minimized to a very insignificant percentage.

Our active investments in the various types of crypto mining give us the base and leverage that provides the sustainability we offer. By using large amounts of funds and distributing thru various different projects, we created a base that is virtually impossible to fail, no matter what happens to one or even more of our partners, your money will always keep growing with us.
After listening to people complaining about all the projects they invested and lost money with, we decided to be a complete game changer, especially by providing a transparent, clear and simple method where you are getting constant communication on how YOUR business is performing.

You can have as many investments or reinvestments you want. from each investment or reinvestment you will receive 1.2% daily for 120 days. This way we keep our service simple and sustainable for a long time.

- Project with 5 Year Plan

Our plan was carefully thought through and tested before it went public. Our team failed a few times, doing our own beta testing before we actually got the correct way. iCenter was supposed to be a website with a back office, but we wanted something simple, new and secure. That’s when we decide to use Telegram, and so far we are extremely happy with the results. Our Plans include adding many other partners, becoming recognized as the main point to invest and build trust with a certain partner and then if all is good, people can invest directly with that partner.

For our first two years, we are just building trust between iCenter and it’s Partners, on the second year, we want our partners to recognize us in Public, on their websites as a trusted partner. For that, we will be doing award ceremonies where we will recognize
with a Badge the most trusted and secure partners to invest. This will bring a huge amount of attention to iCenter and hopefully the recognition we want of being the best investment
center in the world.
To reinforce our whole strategy and give the opportunity to the ones that have less “Know How”. As more people invest with us, more partners we get, more stable and secure the whole project becomes. 

If You already know how it all works, Click the buttons to Get Started Earning Crypto Profits Every 6 Hours!

Leverage a Diversified Portfolio

Crypto Trading & Exchange 
Crypto Mining
Arbitrage Sports Betting

Special Promotions

So many good things happened in the last 14 months and this is all thanks to you, who believed and trust in our project. And as usual, there are Bonus Promotions related to our performance. iC is well known to celebrate success by double paying = 2.8%, to 3%, all the way up to 10%. Why? Because they can! - SEC And Genesis Mining help to Double the Percentage on our BOT'S!  NEW Current Promotion: To celebrate OUR success and our partner’s achievements and our 14th months month of existence, ALL BOT’s Are NOW ON DOUBLE PERCENTAGE Until 23:59 GMT of the 9th of Sept 2018

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What is iCenter ?

Are you looking for a really profitable investment? While this might not seem like a herculean task, it can be way more difficult than you can imagine. This happens because there are just too many investments that you can make online using cryptocurrency and you might feel lost if you just Google for them without proper directions and instructions about how to invest in this specific market. iCenter is an investment platform in which you can invest your Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum to get trusted daily profits. The company will take your chosen Cryptocurrency and invest them for profit in a diversified portfolio. iCenter has many investments to ensure that it will always get profit independently on how the markets are. These actions are taken to ensure that your investments are really going to come back for you in the form of real profit independently of when you invest them. iCenter has been running for one year now and has a very sustainable business model.

You can also use iCenter’s referral program if you choose to do so, its not required, but can be a great way to earn some extra bonus earnings. By using this program, you can refer this company to other people and receive a percentage of their investment. On the first level, you will earn 10%, on the second level 3%, and the third level you will get 1% of the investment of the people you have referred.

So if you're looking for a reliable daily passive income in Cryptocurrency, invest in the Telegram Trading Bots. Invest your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin and start earning payments daily. For one investment you get paid 4 times a day, which is once every 6 hours, and you can have unlimited amounts of investments going at the same time. If you're ready to start earning today, make sure you have Telegram setup first, then join through the join links below! each bot has its own join link, the BTC bot, the LTC bot, and the ETH bot!! Check out the webinar replay above (on the next page) and info below to learn more!!

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You've probably noticed by now, we are not the usual BOT!

Now, the different between iCenter and all the other BOT’s...

we are not just a BOT... we are iCenter, we actually do what we say,

we actually invest peoples money in our partners! Many Bot’s give the excuse

of suffering hacker attacks that steal all money, they are pure scams and thieves,

if they where actually trading (for example) the money would not be in their wallets

in the first place to be stolen! the question here should be, what is the difference

between iCenter and any other HYIP Scams, and that is easy... 

iCenter is not:

HYIP – we actually invest in our partners and earn returns from them, we even give full reports 

           about money coming in and going out!

SCAM – everyone receives what they are due almost instantly when they request.

PONZI – Our returns come from the partners we invest in, not from the money people deposit.

PYRAMID – anyone can be the top earner, no matter what stage you come in with investment or without!

So, as you can see, iCenter is very different from anything else around,

we are not just “another Bot” ? and for sure we will stay for longer than 5 years!

product image
Project with 5 Years Plan
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product image
product image

                   Why Join iCenter ?


iCenter is very transparent with how funds are allocated, they have a full list of the partners they use on their website as well as monthly income reports for all to see. Some of these partners are renowned and trusted companies like Click Funnels, FutureNet/FutureAdpro, Genesis-Mining, ViaBTC, and more. And to give you a great example of their transparency, you can see for yourself in their 'partners list' page they have crossed out the programs that scam out or run into problems, like Bitconnect and UsiTech.

What does it tell you when BCC and USI scam out yet icenter continues to pay !? That's the Power of Leverage and Diversification. Consider this was months ago, and iCenter is stronger than ever.

Easy To Use

Using the Telegram system is so easy to use, just a few clicks and you are done. Making it very user friendly. It's very easy to deposit and withdraw making with a few clicks/taps. 

Realistic Returns

The returns are realistic and sustainable, they don't offer 5% or 10% daily, they just offer 1.2% for bitcoin and 1.4% for litecoin & ethereum - including your investment so in real terms that's just about 0.39 %, with their average partner returning 1.78% you can see that iCenter can easily pay us the promised rate, which makes their business sustainable for years to come.

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What do I get for Joining ?

- You get a regular 1.2% of your invested amount for 120 days with Bitcoin. 
1.5% for 99 Days with Bitcoin Cash
   And 1.4% for 99 days with LTC and ETH.

- Min. Investement 0.01BTC & BCH - 0.1LTC - 0.03ETH

- Min. Reinvest 0.01BTC & BCH - 0.1LTC - 0.03ETH

- Min. Withdraw 0.01BTC & BCH - 0.1LTC - 0.03ETH

- 3 Levels of referral commissions, Level 1 = 10%, Level 2 = 3% and level 3 = 1%
Extra Level 4 of 1% on BCH, ETH & LTC.

- A Simple to use system

- Transparent Financials Report

- Consistency and Stability

- Live Support via the Website

- Autopilot (Passive) Daily Earnings with NO Recruiting necessary.

- Constant reports, communication and updates.

- Exciting and unheard-of bonus promotions.

- Various languages to choose from.

- Help and support chat groups.

- And a System that will be here for many years to come.

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Get The Bot Links Below on this page
Follow the same steps for ETH & LTC Bots. Find Links Below
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Follow The Easy Steps to Get Started

Step One: Download The Telegram App at
Step Two: Once the Telegram App is installed on your
device, Install Your Bot of Choice or ALL 4.
(Access Bot links below for direct access & contact me via telegram )
Step 3: Watch the How To Videos at our Team site => <= and make your deposit. Enjoy the profits! =D


Leaders Pre-Launch Get Early Access NOW Here Below!
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- You are paid 1.5% over 99 days. In total you receive 148.5%. 
- Each day you get 1.5% split into 4 payments of 0.375%. 
- Your initial Investment is paid back over the 99 days
 @ a rate of 1% per day. With 0.5% being your profit. 
- There is no lump sum payment at the end because you 
have been paid already over the 99 day contract.


- 1.2% of your investment daily for 120 days

- Earn principal and profit in each payment 

- Paid once every 6 hours per investment

- Min. Investment 0.01 BTC

- Min. Reinvest 0.01 BTC

- Min. Withdraw 0.01 BTC

- Instant Withdrawals

- Referral Bonus in 3 Levels:

    .Level 1 - 10%

    .Level 2 - 3%

    .Level 3 - 1%

- Always an Exciting Promotion

- Transparent Financials Report

- Consistency and Stability

- Live Support via the Website

- Monthly Reports about the Project


  Make sure you have Telegram setup first

        then click on the logo below to join.


- 1.4% of your investment daily for 99 days

- Earn principal and profit in each payment 

- Paid once every 6 hours per investment

- Min. Investment 0.03 ETH

- Min. Reinvest 0.03 ETH

- Min. Withdraw 0.03 ETH

- Instant Withdrawals

- Referral Bonus in 3 Levels:

    .Level 1 - 10%

    .Level 2 - 3%

    .Level 3 - 1%

    .Level 4 - 1%

- Always an Exciting Promotion

- Transparent Financials Report

- Consistency and Stability

- Live Support via the Website

- Monthly Reports about the Project

 Make sure you have Telegram setup first

       then click on the logo below to join.

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Testimonials - Look what our raving community shares...

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product image

These are just some of our results

There's too many (thousands) testimonials to post here. So Here's just a few..

I started with 0.1ltc on Jan 14th. Had a couple of friends join me and started enjoying my first few pings! A couple of weeks later when Litecoin dipped I bought a whole coin and told a couple more friends and shared my progress, they saw the potential and started their journey. I re-invest every time I hit 0.1 and to date I have 5 coins earned just from that small investment. This is a fantastic opportunity and I’m grateful to be a part of it ❤️

Melissa Kendall-Manser

I was very skeptical to begin with as it seemed to too good to be true so I started with the minimum amount invested and my plan was to take out after the 99 days........I have now 25 reinvestments and nearly at 4 coins and showing people how to do the same to help them build an amazing future like I am currently doing for my son.

Danii Sturrock


Packages only 0.1LTC = $20 (if ltc is $200) compared with $100 and they mature in 99 days instead of 120 days and you get 1.4% per day instead of 1.2% which is really the key to it because you compound quicker 

However, I will be diversifying my portfolio. 

DO NOT FORGET that if you invest in LTC, then you HAVE TO send LTC to your LTC Wallet Address and NOT BTC. If you send BTC, it WILL get lost!!! So make sure you have an LTC Wallet with your Wallet Provider and fund that Wallet with LTC and then transfer the LTC to your iCenter LTC Wallet. 

Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions to get as best informed as possible.

After doing my due diligence i reconsidered my skeptical position and gave this program a real chance.

Now i understand why everyone is going crazy for this... I love iCenter!

But of course keep in mind that this is strictly "play money" territory.

As with all cryptocurrency investments, It's always advised using money you "can afford to lose". In other words money you are prepared to "play" with. This applies to purchasing various cryptos, and even more when trusting third parties with your money, as in this particular opportunity. 

If you can't understand risk/reward ratio, this isn't for you.

"To win without risk is to triumph without glory." P.C

“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.” — Geena Davis

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk...
In a world that changing really quickly,
the only strategy that is guaranteed to
fail is not taking risks." - Mark Zuckerberg

Not Sure ? Don't wanna optin to watch the webinar replay ?
Do Your Own Research!

Please Save/Bookmark this site ( ), then go to youtube here

I get it ! I've been burned many times before, It took me many videos and hours to make my informed decision. And the only thing i wish is to have found this earlier! So if you are unsure please Go Do your own Due Diligence/Research on iCenter and when ready after seeing everyone is having great results, come back here to to watch the webinar replay and get started! As a bonus for joining our team you'll get access to the amazing and exclusive Compounder to better calculate your goals and I'll also send you a 25% discount code for a whole year access to our powerful marketing kit. (ask me how you can get this site fully customisable)

“You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” — Wayne Gretzky

How can i start now?

3 options: 

1. Optin, watch the webinar replay and follow the steps to get started

2. Visit, Follow the Easy Steps = Add me on Telegram send me a msg and then I Send You the bots links.  

3. If you are eager to get started immediately without connecting with me first (which is totally fine) you can just Follow The Easy Steps above or here below:

   1. Click on this link from your smartphone, and if you don’t have Telegram yet, just download it on to your phone and install it. Then come back and click on this link again.

   2. Now you should be on our main page of your Bitcoin BOT, Just press start and choose your language.

   3. You will get a welcome message and a set off buttons on your screen.

   4. Choose the button “DEPOSIT” and it will provide you with a bitcoin address for you to send your investment.

   5. By pressing in “MY TEAM” you get your team statistics and your referral link.

Congratulations you are all set to earn bitcoins every 6 hours!

For Litecoin and Ethereum Bots follow same simple steps using buttons below:

Got Questions ? Opt-in To Learn More - Call Us On 24/7 : 


If you have already joined iCenter and would like a copy of our Team Websites plus other Marketing Tools like Webinar Replay Landing Pages with Opt-In Forms and built-in Autoresponders to automatically follow up for you, then see the Marketing Kit Tab above or email me at for more information on how I can personalize the sites on your domain with all links going to your Bots and your Contact Details etc etc

This is not Financial Advice. The information is shared by myself in good faith and for general information purposes only.
I do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information.
Any action you take upon the information in this site is entirely at your own risk. 

"Life is a series of calculated risks – nothing more..." - Anon